About 45 minutes outside of Inverness, Scotland is a truly dreamy cabin escape from the hustle and bustle of life.

At the start of 2020, I booked a weeklong stay in a cabin in the Scottish Highlands. Then 2020 happened. So I move my stay out another year to September 2021. And while travel was allowed then, I ended up changing the date again to June 2022.  I felt awful asking to move my dates again, but the owners of Eagle Brae Luxury Log Cabins, were so incredibly kind and understanding. To say this stay was long overdue is an understatement.

I finally jetted off, stopping in London for the night, then catching a plane to Edinburgh and renting a car to drive 3.5 hours up north. I wouldn’t do this again unless I intended to stay in Edinburgh. A flight to Inverness and renting a car from there would have been sufficient. (I didn’t hear the end of this from my English partner who drove us back down after joining me a few days into my stay.)

Nonetheless, I arrived after a stop in Tesco in Inverness to grab a few grocery essentials to get the weeklong stay started. I chose the cabin Parus because I am a sucker for a good view. Check-in was seamless and there was a lovely welcome basket full of Scottish snacks and Scotch tasters waiting for me.) If you don’t want to leave your cabin at all, you can order homemade meals and groceries that they will deliver to your door. I ordered a crofter’s pie for dinner and a bottle of rosé and those were also waiting for me upon arrival.

The cabins at Eagle Brae are also dog friendly if you’re so inclined to bring your furry friend with you. The owners have a lovely Bernese that wanders the property.

Inside the Scottish log cabin

The cabins themselves are incredibly gorgeous. The detail that has gone into the build is noticeable. There’s lovely patterns intricately carved into the beams. It’s lovely.

The cabin had two levels, the upstairs was more of a lounge area with a TV and a desk with a computer and printer. The bedroom was downstairs with the kitchen, bathroom and another sitting area. The doors opened out onto a lovely wrap around deck with a big wooden picnic table. You can see some of the other cabins but they are spaced far apart enough that you have your own privacy.

The cabins are equipped with everything you need in terms of appliances: stove, microwave, oven, dishwasher, washer and dryer. And plenty of kitchen utensils. You could easily just stay in the cabin and never leave for the time you were there if you wanted.

Things to do around Eagle Brae

You are surrounded by gorgeous wilderness in the Scottish Highlands while staying at Eagle Brae log cabins. If you want to fill your time with guided outdoor adventures, the concierge service can set up a range of activities for you from canoeing to shooting and mountain biking (plus more).

You’re also incredibly close to Loch Ness and Glen Affric if you care to do your own exploring. We took a drive to Loch Ness, stopping at the Corrimory Chambered Cairn (because I love very old things and this is a 4000 year old piece of Highland history). We stopped in Fort Augustas and had dinner at The Lock Inn…and I had the best mac n cheese with Highland cheddar and haggis that I have ever had.

Our stay

We mostly stayed around the cabin with a few trips out. It was such a peaceful spot for resting and disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of the city that we chose to revel in that. Sitting on the deck in the sunshine and reading filled up a bunch of my time. It was truly a wonderful disconnect despite having access to the internet. It was quiet, like the quiet you can only find in nature.

Our stay at the cabin was so incredibly lovely, we’re ready to plan another trip back because it is the perfect escape from the constant madness that is everyday life. You can book time year round, and I can only imagine how cozy and lovely it is in the winter when it’s snow covered. Or during the autumn when all the colors are changing.

I can’t wait to return to Eagle Brae.

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